OVERCOME Driving Phobias & Fears

Get BEST PROVEN RESULTS now with int'l. known, Sy Cohn, M.F.T., “The Driving Therapist” while driving with his SURVIVAL KIT! As seen in "Cosmo", People, CNN & more.


Sy Cohn, “The Driving Therapist”, will show you how to overcome fear of driving, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks or accidents about: freeways, motorways, highways, bridges, traffic or any other driving problem with his exclusive Survival Kit, before and while driving! You will be overcoming your fear of driving and learn a wide range of unique proven tools to be in control with an holistic approach of humor, meditation, music, diet and more. It’s as if Sy is in the car with you all the way.

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(from “NBC Nightly News”)

SEE TV highlights since 1985 with Sy and his client’s experiences, feelings & driving phobia on the freeways, traffic, etc.! From: NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, European TV, among others. Helpful safety and freeway tips & utilizing your Survival Kit will also be shown.   State of-the-art special effects in full stereo on DVD in 2 parts. 1.5 hr.

          People, Cosmo, articles, etc.       

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Sy has uniquely combined his experience as a driving school owner in 1964 and as psychotherapist since 1980. He is internationally known in Canada, Europe, Australia and the U.S.A. His DVD shows highlights from his Media/Bio .

What Other Professionals Say:    See Inspiring Success Stories

Sy Cohn’s idea to create desensitization CD’s to use while one is actually desensitizing their driving phobia is quite ingenious. His tone throughout is positive and encouraging; his voice is conversational and friendly.” – Cathleen Henning, Panic Disorders- www.about.com

“Your Survival Kit contains a wonderful combination of cognitive behavior, compassion, humor, spirituality and invivo experience. I wholly recommend them to my patients.” – Howard Liebgold, M.D., “Dr. Fear”, leading authority on phobias.

“The care you put into your work with clients certainly comes through with our telephone sessions. You have such a gentle and positive, non-judgemental tone. My driving is getting much better after I have had driving-specific anxiety for quite a while. Thank you so very much”.– B.P. New York, NY