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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” M.Proust
Hi Sy,
I have been doing really well in my driving. I use a lot of the tools you showed me during our phone sessions. I concentrate on breathing, distract my mind and remind myself it’s okay to let the fear go. I have started meditating and often remind myself to stay in the now and feel happier. (and don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday). I have been driving more often without feeling the constant fear and that is a wonderful feeling! I also now get really excited when I drive on a busy road and the freeway I haven’t taken in a long time and I revel in that feeling!
Thank you for everything, CZ. MN

Hello Sy,
Terrific to hear from you. I am doing well 🙂 Driving more and feeling more relaxed doing so. Yes, I was in an accident when I was young so I don’t let others drive me and I don’t drive with others in the car due to it making me nervous. Thank you for your encouragement. I think the driving anxiety reflects anxiety in general in life. When the anxiety is low, the driving is much better. I am doing ok for now.
Thank you for our wonderful phone sessions and I wish you well. S.T. Ventura CA.

Dear Sy Your website looks great! I liked your Facebook page. I have been doing really well with driving lately – and staying in the now has become a life saver(I feel so much more at peace). It is strange driving without the heightened fear and now I totally understand what you meant when you were having me do the exercises of holding hands the other way, etc. I am no longer sitting at home paralyzed in fear. There are still days where my anxiety is higher and I know now that that is ok. I never fret about tomorrow anymore or a week or month from now because that isn’t real but imagined in my own head.
I just stay in the now and carry on. Thank you. D.L. Boston

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Welcome to Sy’s new monthly group: The last Saturday of each month.


You are invited to give yourself a gift that will keep on giving. Learn to improve how you feel and cope with these common problems. We will share and explore a wide range of unique proven tools with an holistic approach of humor, meditation, music, diet, “bntnow” and more, as seen and heard in various media: People,”Cosmo.”CNN, NBC, CBS T.V., L.A, Times, among others, since 1980.

Articles, DVD, CD’s can be obtained.

Only those motivated to improve need apply!

When: Last Sat. of each month.

Time: 10am-11:30am Where: office in Claremont

First Session only: $25

Cost: $50 per group

SPECIAL: ($40 per. group, paid in advance for 3 sessions) credit cards accepted.

Limited space available. Please call or email RSVP now.

909-625-3348 sycohn@ca.rr.com visit: phobiafreeway.com


I look forward to having a wonderful positive experience with you.