OVERCOME Driving Phobias & Fears

Get BEST PROVEN RESULTS now with int'l. known, Sy Cohn, M.F.T., “The Driving Therapist” while driving with his SURVIVAL KIT! As seen in "Cosmo", People, CNN & more.


Sample of “Cosmo”. People, etc, articles

SYSy Cohn, M.A., M.F.T., is a former driving school owner/teacher helping people learn to     overcome      their anxiety and driving problems in the car since 1964. He has also worked as a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist since 1980. He first designed his unique Survival Kit in 1990 with two cassette tapes to be played in the car while driving.

The proven Survival Kit now includes 6 items: a DVD, 3 CD’s, 60 affirmation labels, and squeeze-car key chain. Sy’s new CD, “Peaceful Odyssey, Less-Stress for Human Be-ings”, can help anyone with daily life stresses. It has 24 tracks of helpful exercises, humor and beautiful sounds of nature.

His trainings with Anxiety Disorders, Behavior & Cognitive Therapy, psychology, stress management, biofeedback, guided imagery, NLP ( Nuero-Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy, among others, are uniquely combined with his prior experiences.

Sy’s practice includes helping people in his office with personal, relationship and stress issues, with “house calls” in the car in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas, and with telephone coaching sessions all over the country. He has also formed a “Driving Support Group” that extends from Canada to Australia.

He is currently in private practice with his wife and author, Maria J. Andrade, M.F.T., in So.  CA. visit:  www.magicunion.com      www.booksasfriends.ca

Media history

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RADIO: KRLA, L.A. Talk Radio – “Traffic Jam” 1-30-99, Copley News Service, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., ABC, NBC, Boston Talk Radio, KNBR San Francisco & numerous other programs. KRLA 1110 “Traffic Jam” Jan.1999; AM 800 CKLW, Windsor, Ont.-Detroit, MI, 9-20-02

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You can learn to “drive yourself happy!”

For new brochure & tell me about your driving problems. I listen, I care and I’m here to help you. emailme: sycohn@ca.rr.com I make “house calls” or to join the Drivers Support Group, ask me how