OVERCOME Driving Phobias & Fears

Get BEST PROVEN RESULTS now with int'l. known, Sy Cohn, M.F.T., “The Driving Therapist” while driving with his SURVIVAL KIT! As seen in "Cosmo", People, CNN & more.

SURVIVAL KIT contents (free clips)

 1 DVD, 3 CD’s, Affirmation labels, Squeeze car. Helpful articles included with fee postage.

For best results: Please follow directions as stated on the CD’s & as written.

 (DVD)- ARE YOU “DRIVING YOURSELF CRAZY?”  YOU’RE NOT ALONE!  (sample on home page)happy-copy

(2) AUDIO CD’s: 60 min. each, OVERCOME DRIVING FEARS & STRESS I, II . Proven state-of-the-art, easy to use, keeps you grounded with beautiful music & Sy’s soothing voice that helps you to be more relaxed, alert & have fun, before, while and after driving!

CD 1 Introduction (sample)

CD 2 Affirmations (sample)


PEACEFUL ODYSSEY, LESS-STRESS for HUMAN BE-INGS:  with music and beautiful sounds of nature enter now another world where fears and troubles have no place. Give yourself permission to travel light and free. Experience the grounding of a Peaceful Odyssey. In the worlds of all sacred traditions, “Let peace begin with me.” (1 hour 16 min. 25 tracks)

Peaceful Odyssey audio sample

(We don’t assume any responsibility while driving with the CD’s playing)


AFFIRMATIONS (60 on labels): From CD 11 & more. Post your favorite, fun & meaningful statements on cards, in the car, work, home or anywhere to battle your negative messages. An affirmation a day keeps the negative thinking away.  “I will go where I want, when I want & how I want”  (see samples above)


EZ SQUEEZE Car key-chain: Handy aid to help relieve fear, anger, stress, tension, anxiety, etc., while driving or anywhere else! Add this to your survival kit. It’s in your hands, that’s the key to it.
 Free affirmation cards samples with all orders & requests for brochure. All orders come with directions,articles about Sy’s work and helpful literature.
For best results: Please follow directions as stated on the CD’s & as written.
Give a gift to yourself, a family member, or a friend and show that you care about them.
You deserve it!
Thank You,
“The Driving Therapist”